24h of Bernau Race Review

This was the second time that I have been participating in this event. Last year, this race was my alternative to the 100 miles of Berlin that I wasn’t able to participate because of pre-existing plans and I liked it enough to return this year. Even though most of the races this year have been cancelled because of Covid-19, this race was still on. Mostly because it’s relatively low-key and not many people participate. I think in total there were about 150 people.

In contrast to last year, the refreshment points have been split into 4 different places and the runners have been split similarly to make sure that only a small group of people were sharing these resources. In addition, the choice of food was relatively limited, but I was expecting this and came prepared.

Overall, I like the course: It’s a 1-mile loop around the wall of the city of Bernau and is 2/3 shade with mostly gravel surface. Surprisingly, running lots of tiny loops will accumulate much more elevation than I anticipated, there are some interesting tiny hills on the course that initially look very innocent but later become grueling.

In contrast to last year, I did not try to run the larger hill early as last year and plainly focussed on hiking it quickly up and then switch to shuffle mode again.

At the end of the day though, the performance this year wasn’t stellar. Due to the Covid pandemic, my training was less than optimal and I’m still fighting with some Achilles pain that doesn’t seem to want to go away.